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Looking for a way to save on Nintex licenses, product and renewals? Looking for a Nintex discount secret? Don’t like to read long blog posts? Here’s the upshot: we’ve always delivered our clients deep discounts on products like these by expertly negotiating on their behalf with Nintex and then rebating the partner commission instead of sticking it in our pockets like everyone else. The great news for you as someone ready to buy new, additional or renewal Nintex licenses is that we’re now offering this process to you as an a-la-carte consulting service.

Intrigued? Read on to learn how this all happened…

What if you could get a “bulk” discount on Nintex licenses just like at a Warehouse Club?

I’m no “newbie”, especially in the enterprise software and licensing arena. I began specializing in SharePoint as an early adopter. Nintex Workflow was a natural choice for my clients and I regularly recommended that my clients use this awesome set of tools. At the time I wasn’t even a partner. I was a user, administrator and developer. My clients would naturally want the best price on licenses. I searched high and low for ways to save money on Nintex licenses, renewals and products and got absolutely nowhere. I must have searched “Nintex Discount” a thousand times, using combinations of terms like:

  1. “How to save money on Nintex Workflow”
  2. “Buy Nintex Workflow Cheap”
  3. “Price reduction Nintex licenses”

and everything else I could think of. As it turned out, this was always fruitless, and my client had to buy directly from Nintex and pay retail or settle for a trivial token discount. Let this be known now and forever as “the old way to overpay”. This wasn’t good for anyone!

I was an unhappy consultant, looking for a Nintex discount. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

As my practice grew, I became certified by Nintex directly – in fact, I personally hold four certifications and my network of developers has earned even more. With more clients I eventually became a Nintex partner. As a partner, I have the inside track with Nintex. I’m able to expertly negotiate license costs on behalf of my clients.

And get this… Nintex also pays me a referral commission even after I negotiate to the bone on the software deal! I’ve never felt comfortable with this arrangement. It always seemed to me like this dual consulting/selling model amounted to double-dipping on my clients.

So I did something about it

My role is to be an advocate for my clients, not to become another link in the chain of overpaying. If my client is paying for my consulting advice and I have a responsibility to them, what do I need in a referral commission? I’m already charging for my professional services such as designing and developing workflows, botflows using Nintex RPA, and Nintex Sign. I discounted the licenses by the amount of the commission or gave my client an equivalent credit toward any other professional services that I provide, including Cloud Synchronization technology, SQL Server and SharePoint consulting. That worked for me, and worked for my clients, and my consulting clients were the initial beneficiaries of this smarter “Way to buy”.

We are your Nintex license advocate

Again, this has evolved. Fast forward to today. I’ve developed relationships within Nintex, I know how to work with them to get the best deals, how to get effectively free licenses mid-year, how to save by pulling ahead renewals and other techniques. Nintex actually likes when I call because they know my clients are serious, because I’m a bought-in evangelist for all their products, and because we’ve developed trust and a certain rhythm in working together.

Furthermore, we are experts at finding and correcting inefficiencies and holes that might have been missed by a previous workflow developer. We are usually able to cut down the number of licenses needed for the same amount of functionality, thus providing you additional savings.

Then it happened… I thought to myself, isn’t this in itself is a kind of consulting? Why don’t we do it for everyone? Our goal is to “Pay it forward” so that the next company or consultant searching the Internet for “Nintex license discounts” can actually get reliable, predictable, no-nonsense savings on their licenses, additional products or renewals. Roll out the “New way to Buy” to everyone!

So, this is where I leave you

Work with us and become our client, for a nominal consulting fee. We’ll look at your individual situation and needs. We’ll negotiate on your behalf with Nintex. We’ll get you the most efficient amount of licenses and then rebate you 100% of the partner referral commission. This works for additional and renewal licenses even if you’ve previously purchased directly from Nintex or from another reseller. That’s our promise.. There are lots of ways to reach us. Just keep scrolling down and you will see contact information as well as the ability to chat with us live, right now. Let’s get started!


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