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Do you need to Integrate SharePoint lists and libraries, Windows files, SQL / MySQL databases or 100’s of other systems? With Berkflow’s Synchronrizer, you can install now and begin synchronizing on-site to cloud without a VPN or network communication changes today. Ready to get started?

Berkflow’s Synchronizer can integrate and sync documents across more than 100 industry standard corporate data sources without a single line of code. We have typically implemented our product to support services and apps which are local or cloud-based. Systems include Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Dynamics, Azure, SQL/ERP/CRM, Other SQL databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Db2, Access, and QuickBooks just to name a few. Our synchronizer also supports Windows file shares for migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization. Pricing starts at free!

OneDrive Sync Client vs. Berkflow Synchronizer

FeatureOneDrive for Business ClientBerkflow Synchronizer
PurposeMaintains synchronization between OneDrive for Business documents and local drivesMaintains synchronization of files and data across over 100 systems and applications on premise and in cloud. While SharePoint, Teams etc. are majority of use cases, files and data can be synchronized between other systems independently.
Primarily used byEnd UsersIT Administrators and Consultants
Runs onClient side in the user’s computer system tray or mobile devicesA VM or server in the company’s network, or in the cloud as a Windows service
How it runsAutomatically when the file changes, but the user must be logged inOn-demand or scheduled, as a background Windows service, or from Windows task scheduler
What it synchronizesOneDrive for Business libraries or folders on local disks that have been manually pre-selectedFolders, files, and data – very flexible with pattern matching (even on file attributes) and can use views when connecting to SharePoint
Synchronizes file servers, shared folders, and NASNoYes
Synchronizes Azure File ShareNoYes
Synchronizes SharePoint to SharePointWith limitations: – including across versions, tenants, sites, site collections – both on premise and online
Supports on-premise and older SharePoint releasesNoWorks with SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and Foundation
Authentication and accountsCurrent logged on userCompletely flexible
How documents are selected for synchronizationManuallyManually, or using SQL-like query language to include/exclude files to/from synchronization by folder, name, size, age, etc.
Useful for backup and migrationNoFlexible sync options (such as no-insert, no-update, no-delete) and optimized data providers for different requirements (e.g. speed vs. features).
Systems that can be synchronizedSharePoint / OneDrive libraries, local disks, (supported systems highly depending on client release version)SharePoint 2010/13/16, SharePoint Online lists and libraries, OneDrive4B, Office 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, Dynamics, Exchange, Azure, local disks, file server shares, home drives, almost any SQL database, Access, Excel/XML, Text/CSV, OData, SOAP, ERP/CRM and over 100 more
PricingFreeFreemium. Paid versions don’t meter or charge by how many files or how much data is synchronized, or how often, in a connection.
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The Synchronizer is optimized for both On Premise SharePoint and SharePoint Online. Do you want to keep data in sync with native SharePoint lists without any feature restrictions? Our Synchronizer allows SharePoint lists to stay in sync with each other to keep list items and documents in sync cross sites, collections, farms and even tenants. It even synchronizes between different versions, such as SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.

O365 Suite
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Berkflow’s Synchronizer can integrate data and sync documents and files with no code whatsoever. We typically implement it to connect services, files and and apps, local and/or cloud-based. Best examples include Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Dynamics, Azure and SQL/ERP/CRM. We implement our product to support migration, backup, or permanent two-way synchronization. We also support OneDrive for Business, Teams, and Groups.

Azure, SQL & Databases
cloud tech connector SQL Oracle Azure

The Synchronizer will support connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL DB, Oracle, MySQL, Informix, Db2, Access, QuickBooks, and more natively. We can connect other systems using industry-standard methods like ODBC. We implement this to keep RDBMS systems in sync with other platforms and application databases whether they are local or cloud-based. Most databases for ERP/CRM/CMS can also be integrated directly.

Our SharePoint Synchronizer is designed and built to support many systems, platforms and application in a completely agnostic manner. this is the critical success factor that allows us to implement this in hours or days rather than weeks or months.
Ready to take next steps and get syncing?

If your company is like thousands of others that use the cloud or are looking to use the cloud to help with risk mitigation, redundancy and resiliency across your enterprise then you need Berkflow’s SharePoint Synchronizer. We can work with your unique situation and provide you a solution that can provide redundancy and sync hundreds of data sources, from file shares to SharePoint to SQL databases, across your enterprise on-premise or cloud, with ZERO code and ZERO communication and networking changes. There is no risk for you. There is no risk for your company. Our goal is to establish a business relationship with your company through honesty, integrity and hard work. What better way to start than by working together to lift your company data infrastructure into he cloud for a more resilient tomorrow. Let’s get started today!


Berkflow is a full service IT consulting firm located in beautiful SoFla. Decades of experience paired with a genuine desire to solve technology related problems fuel our desire to work with you! Our firm specializes in SQL, SharePoint and Synchronization consulting as well as Nintex discounts and consulting. Want more details?

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